Oak Hill Elementary's First Spelling Bee
On February 9, 2007, Oak Hill held its first school wide spelling bee.
Congrats to all those who participated.
Here are some photos to remember the event.

Here are some photos from The Fairfax County wide Spelling Bee.

In the above photo:
Steve Cahill, Executive Editor of the Fairfax County Times (official sponsor of the county bee); Jack Dale, Fairfax County Superintendent of Schools; Laura McCafferty, County Bee Coordinator and Oak Hill PTA Spelling Blasters Chair; Lauren Huang, Oak Hill 6th grader, winner of our school bee and second place finisher in the county bee; Michele Menapace, President, FCCPTA; Kathy Smith, Fairfax County School Board Vice Chair; and Ryan, Oak Hill 3rd grader whose ideas and enthusiasm convinced the Fairfax County Times to launch a Scripps Howard qualifying bee for Fairfax County.