"The arts do not change the world,

but they can change the living beings who might change the world.”


- Herbert Marcuse, German Philosopher and Sociologist








What is GRACE Art?

The GRACE Art program was established in 1976 by the Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE).  The goal is to supplement and support local children’s art experiences in school.

Here at Oak Hill, all students receive these valuable art appreciation lessons four times a year thanks to PTA funds, Parent Volunteers and the support of Oak Hill Staff.

How is the Program Run?

Each year the GRACE Art committee selects four new portfolios from the vast collection at GRACE.  Each portfolio contains a lesson plan, study guide and power-point slides of a famous artist or art subject.  PTA funds are used to purchase all the art supplies for the related art projects.

For each of the four months that Oak Hill presents a portfolio, parent volunteers spend an hour in each classroom.  One parent volunteer will lead the class in a short (15min) art lesson while other volunteers assist the students in a related hands-on art project.  Projects are age appropriate and are designed to help bring the lessons to life.

Students will be introduced to various media and will be encouraged to develop their own art skills along the way.  The lessons aim to inspire young artists by learning about famous artists and art styles throughout history.  The related art project is used to unlock their own creativity and instill a desire to learn more about the world around them through art.

Why Should I Volunteer for GRACE Art?

  • It is a fun and rewarding way to spend time in your child’s classroom!
  • Teachers and students love GRACE Art days!
  • This is an entirely volunteer run program, it will not run smoothly without over 100+ volunteers each year!
  • Time commitment is only 1 hour (4 times a year) during the school day.  Exact day and time will be decided by each teacher.
  • NO art experience is necessary!  ALL lesson plans and art supplies are provided!


Be a part of this year’s exciting art exploration!

Sign up HERE by Sept. 22, 2017:


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Introducing this school year’s GRACE Art Portfolios:

October/November:  Intro to Architecture

December/January:  Rembrandt

February/March:  Ringgold

April/May: Matisse