Welcome to the Oak Hill PTA!


Dear Oak Hill Family,

As we settle into our family gatherings to enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday, I just wanted to express my thankfulness for all the parents and staff who continue to volunteer and patronize our PTA and our School in a way that encourages our children to value community, learning and importance of participation.

Thank you Oak Hill teachers and staff for supporting the PTA programs and lending a helping hand when needed.

Thank you PTA Board Members, Committee Chairs, members and volunteers for your dedication to our students and our school.

Without your continued support, we couldn't have done Reflections, moved to the new PTBoard technology, hosted spirit wear sales, supported class rooms as room parents, volunteered to positively impact several programs, supported library, come-together for several events like Multi Cultural Night, took care of our school-based programs and after-school activities and several others. Thank you for your participation in meetings and events that moved us towards a more active and engaged community.

This November, please join me in "giving thanks" and take a moment to thank the many people who make Oak Hill such a wonderful place to learn, think, and grow! Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday.


Hari Kalahasti
(OHES PTA President)