Oak Hill PTA Bylaws

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Oak Hill Elementary School PTA

Standing Rules

Approved May 2, 2011


Budget Process

1. Proposed budget is prepared and approved by the Executive Board.

2. Executive Board presents proposed budget to the general membership for approval at
the first PTA meeting of the school year (September).

3. All budget amendments must be reviewed by the Treasurer and recommendations
presented to the Executive Board for approval.

a. Budget amendments to existing line items that do not exceed 50% of the original
line item and are $200 or less can be approved by the Executive Board without approval
by the General Membership.

b. Budget amendments that exceed 50% of the original line item or $200, or those
that are new line items, must be presented to the general membership at least
thirty (30) days prior to approval by the general membership.
c. In the event that a budget amendment is altered during the approval meeting, the
Executive Board must determine whether or not the change materially changes
the original amendment enough to require a new review by the Treasurer and
delay approval by the general membership for another thirty (30) days.

4. Beginning in April, the Treasurer shall survey committee chairs for additional funding
requirements from the current budget year in the event there are excess funds in the
current budget year.

5. The Treasurer will compile a list of potential uses, including requests from committee
chairs, for excess funds in the current budget year to be presented at a regular meeting
at least thirty (30) days prior to approval of the summer carryover by the general
membership. Items can be added during the meeting at which the list is initially
presented, but only items on the list can be considered for summer carryover funds.